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7 Stages of Project Funding

Clients that wish to utilize the power and benefits of our 100% Funding Model must go through our seven stages of funding process.

Hung Kai Finance believes it is important that our brokers and clients understand these stages so that the process is followed and expectations met for everyone.

1. Pre-Underwriting

The pre-underwriting process starts with a submitted application, assessment form, and document checklist for the project. The submission is reviewed and goes through initial predictive modeling for approval. Then the file is sent to Underwriting or declined.

2. Underwriting

The project goes through full predictive modeling. After the completed application, assessment form, and underwriting documents are provided by the project and meet all required stipulations, Hung Kai Finance provides a term sheet.

3. Final Underwriting

The term sheet and required agreements are executed. The next part of the process is where Hung Kai Finance performs a high spot risk assessment, and, if approved, Hung Kai Finance will give a commitment to lend and Hung Kai Finance will move forward with the project funding.

4. Compliance

The project has met all final compliance requirements for the project funding. This is where Hung Kai Finance moves to the final stages of analysis and compliance approval at our institutional level before loan documents are signed off on to move forward.

5. Contracts

Hung Kai Finances final stage. Underwriting and rating finalized, structure approved by risk, compliance sign-off, and the analysis final approval. The next step is for the contracts and supporting documents to be drafted and executed.

6. Close

Hung Kai Finance creates the special purpose entity (SPE). Then Hung Kai Finance confirms all parties have completed their closing responsibilities such as the construction management services, project management services, and draw schedule requirements.

7. Support Services

Hung Kai Finance provides funding for the project and executes all support services, scale modeling services, and partnership requirements.