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Based on the creditworthiness of each project, Hung Kai Finance can provide 100% funding to 200+ industries. Unlike other funding firms which are restricted to working with specific industries, Hung Kai Finance can provide funding across most industries*. See some of the industries we can assist with funding below.

Hung Kai Finance provides funding in almost any industry other than firearms, cannabis, and other restricted high-risk industries.

What separates Hung Kai Finance from others?

Hung Kai Finance creates new capital for every project, which means we have very few restrictions on which industries
we can work with, separating us from the competition.

Since Hung Kai Finance is the signatory at its desks and has direct access to originate notes with over five thousand private market investors, we can create capital from $20M into the high billions — which means Hung Kai Finance will never run out of funds. The simple way to put it, Hung Kai Finance creates new capital for each and every project similar to how banks create new capital.

Structured finance has primarily been a “rated” market. The notes that Hung Kai Finance issues must be rated at the highest level by S&P, Moody’s, and Fitch Group. There are specific parameters projects must have to meet an acceptable level of investment-grade credit criteria. The Hung Kai Finance team uses its expertise to prepare a proper funding structure to secure this rating level.

Does this still seem confusing? Thats why we structure the whole capital stack for projects we fund.