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Real Estate Funding Program

With Hung Kai Finance's 100% project funding model
Hung Kai Finance can provide funding for $20M into the billions for real estate projects.

Hung Kai Finance provides real estate funding with its 100% funding model. Projects in the United States and Internationally can now get their needed equity, quasi equity, ground lease, pace, mezzanine/bridge, construction, and perm loan required to fund their real estate projects, from $20 million into the billions.

The different real estate projects Hung Kai Finance partners with; private residence properties, destination resorts, vertical and horizontal multi-family, apartments, senior living, student housing, office, industrial, retail, hotels or hospitality, multi/mixed-use, land, special purpose, and more.

Hung Kai Finance isn't a fund, but issues its own notes on projects that Hung Kai Finance partners with and helps develop, to qualified note buyers. Hung Kai Finance provides funding through collateral programs, mortgages, structure finance models, and derivative programs. Every loan approval goes through a detailed custom extensive underwriting, risk analysis, and compliance process. Even with Hung Kai Finance's extensive approval process, loans typically get their initial approval within weeks after submission and the funding process in some cases can be in a short period of time.